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Sharing Energy

Our software applications and hardware technology contribute to the creation of a community that depends more and more on the value of sharing resources, adding a social value to sharing solutions accessible to every user.
Having a dead smartphone battery can be a real emergency nowadays. Without our smartphones, we can’t do basic things like work, keep in touch with someone, or make payments. Users already understand the great value of this service
We plan to manage a community of people that recognize trust and reliability in our brand and in our software, with the prerogative that we will offer an accessible solution to everyone, while upholding our values, smart and green. We also supply B2B solutions and products.

Retail solutions

In PowerMe we are always looking to partner on new and exciting projects.



Gain new clients: Every user of the PowerMe app will see your charging spot on the map.



Give a better customer experience to all your clients, increasing the amount of time they stay in your business.



Get data from user thanks to personalized surveys, gamification e innovative tools used to profile your audience

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retail solutions

Event solutions

Organize with us, make your event unique with innovative tools created and designed In Italy



Put your mind at ease. We’ll take care of everything.



Get user data thanks to customized surveys, gamification and innovative tools to profile your audience.



Improve the user experience of your visitors, offering them an incredibly useful service.

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the event solution


Innovative, smart, and green technological solutions

The Station

Innovative, smart, and green technological solutions

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Cable Z

Attract new clients with a fast phone recharge. You’ll help them, they’ll love you!

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