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Design the perfect Charging Area zone for your

Nowadays mobile devices are essential in our everyday lives but the common issues are always the same: a charging area or a free wifi area to connect while being away. Those who organize events know well that offering a charging zone yields many advantages, the first being satisfying the needs of participants, that is the main goal of any brand.

How does a smartphone charging area work?

The most common charging services in exhibitions feature the set-up of Totems or Stations, with open or closed ports where you can connect your devices. There are also wireless solutions to prepare your charging zone and, in this case, the reference standards are the WPC or the PMA.

How do they work?

It’s simple: every new generation smartphone or tablet has sensors able to receive the charge. However, the disadvantage of this technology is the distance range, given that it works by electromagnetic induction. It only takes being over 4 cm away from the charger for the device not to get the charge.

Totem Station: PowerMe

The Totem Solution, such as the one offered by PowerMe, gives you the chance to exploit Freeluna and Blimp in your charging zone, customising the user experience.
Freeluna is a free community of over 2 million people that offers the possibility to go online safely through its hotspots. By combining this into Blimp it’s possible to monitor the audience by profiling it accurately and by optimizing the success of your own marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our Totems you will be able to offer targeted messages, to create surveys and to advertise yourself during an event. It’s a new way of involving and delighting every participant by standing out with something different.
Smartphone charging solutions are becoming more and more popular so take the chance to enlarge your brand community.

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