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Charging Totems for Electronic devices as a marketing tool

We offer charging totems for electronic devices for many events

Charging totems for electronic devices are growing rapidly in the retail industry. PowerMe is a leading company in the sector and we believe to be in a privileged position to be able to say that charging points for mobile devices can definitely help you increase sales. We offer charging totems for electronic devices for many events and stores that use them as a marketing tool.

Did you know that a charging phone station in your store or at one of your events could actually let your customers know about your latest offer? Did you know that these can improve your “brand awareness” and the
inflow of customers?

Let’s see in detail the biggest benefits in terms of marketing

Charging Totems: marketing tool

It’s a tool to interact with clients and to retain them.

All the companies know by now that it does not matter how many followers or likes you have, but how well you involve the user. This applies to all sectors. Retaining a client is fundamental, especially with the boom of e-commerce websites, therefore finding ways not only to attract buyers but also to create a bond with them is an excellent strategy.

For the stores that provide services, offering a simple free bottle of water is not enough; nowadays people are more and more dependent on their phones/tablets so offering them the possibility to remain connected is not an optional choice anymore but a necessity. The client who stays connected will be more willing to browse in your store and this will be the first step towards a lasting relationship with him.

It allows you to acquire relevant data

From stores to events, today all companies do their best to gather useful data to tailor their marketing campaigns. Moreover, they are looking for ways to integrate different technologies of data acquisition. Mobile charging stations are a way to combine this particular type of technology, both in your stores and events. By giving you the chance to gather data from registered users, it’s an excellent way to target other marketing campaigns aimed at converting customers to more online sales.

Increase the number of visitors in your store

Setting up a totem has proven successful in attracting more visitors in retail businesses, especially those who wouldn’t have entered otherwise. Retail businesses, in particular, are gaining many advantages given that statistics show that clients charging their phones stay in stores 2.27 times longer that those who don’t. Moreover, statistics show that there is an increase of 54% in conversion rates for those who are using a charging totem, and that clients who have charged their phones spend 29% more time compared to those who don’t.

It allows you to continuously implement new marketing strategies

Whether you choose to position your charging totem in a store or outside, it’s always possible to send an advertising message to your clients. How? By getting using our software. Our charging stations allow you to show contents, offers and special promotions. Not only can you attract clients in your shop but you can do it for a very specific reason: taking advantage of the offers in a given moment. This means that people enter your store because they have a reason (for example they have seen the daily promotion) so they are more prone to buy.

To conclude, it seems clear to us that the increase in clients, their retention and “brand awareness” are the major benefits that you will get from the installation of our totems that are proper marketing tools. We have many totems ideal for different situations, completely customisable

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